Q: How sturdy are your products? 

A: As with any quality product, proper care is needed to prolong & enhance the usefulness of it. Products made from natural material like wood will always need an extra care compared to man-made products like plastic. 

Our products are made from premium quality materials making them durable & long-lasting. 


Q: Do wood sunglasses float? 

A: As each pair of Overcast wood sunglasses is unique, and wood density & buoyancy vary from pair to pair, we can’t guarantee that all wood sunglasses will float. 


Q: What is the difference between regular & polarized lenses?

A: Standard lenses offer superior UVA/UVB sun protection. While polarized lenses offer increased benefit of maximum glare protection as well as UVA/UVB sun protection giving you the sharpest vision & highest comfort possible.